The appearance and appearance are highly praised. The new BMW 4-series four door coupe has launched 3 models in total

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appearance appearance highly praised. praised

today , Xiaobian introduces you to this brand new BMW 4 The four door coupe has been opened for pre-sale , The new car was launched this time 3 models .

aesthetic , The front face of the new car adopts a large double kidney air inlet grille , The design of the internal star array creates a sense of luxury in place , Intelligent laser headlights on both sides , The interior is also equipped with a blue light band , Very dreamy .

Frameless doors are used on the side of the body , The soft lines also perfectly show the elegance of the car , The hub also adopts a more complex petal shape .

The duckling's tail with slightly upturned tail adds a bit of dynamic flavor to it , The tail lights are almost integrated with the red body , It has a great visual impact , Blackened lower enclosure and exhaust design , It also greatly enhances the breath of sports .

The full LCD instrument and suspended central control screen in the interior create a very strong scientific and technological atmosphere , And the whole cockpit also faces the driver's side . motivation , The new car is fully equipped with 2.0T In-line four cylinder turbocharged engines , among 425 Model maximum power 135 kw (184 horsepower ), Maximum torque 300 cattle · rice ,430 Model maximum power 190 kw (258 horsepower ), Maximum torque 400 cattle · rice . All models match 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

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