Here comes the 2022 uni-t, starting from 115900. Mecha fans hurry to see it!

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comes uni-t uni starting mecha

To say that car companies have really moved a lot of thoughts in the press conference , For example 8 month 25 On this day , Chang'an Automobile successfully held on-line 2022 paragraph UNI-T The launch of . It is worth mentioning that , This press conference adopted a similar “ The script kills ” The originality of , Nothing new , It is very in line with the tastes of young people today . After all UNI-T The model itself is positioned in the young market , Popular with young consumers . that , This time 2022 paragraph UNI-T What are the differences ?

aesthetic ,2022 paragraph UNI-T Added a lot of fresh elements , For example, the new mecha green color is very dazzling . The most eye-catching design of the front face , when “ A clover ” Hidden grille lamp , Is this to “Alfa Romeo” Pay tribute to ? When the night lights up , I believe the recognition is still quite high . Plus a more sporty lower surround , all-new UNI-T It's really sporty .

Come to one side , The lines of the whole body look very slender , Widened the visual sense , dynamic . what's more , The new car doesn't just elongate the body , Because in terms of body size , The length is just 4 rice 5 Head start , This size is naturally just right , At least it's more convenient to park . in addition , The new car is also equipped with double five spoke wheels , It is said that its design inspiration comes from the aircraft engine turbofan .

interiors , new UNI-T Our materials and design are very particular . For example, the seat surface adopts a highly scientific and technological perforated pattern , Including the headrest and push part, they are also made of materials similar to suede , A sense of luxury . The surface of the center console is also paved with metal cross drawing panels , Very modern and three-dimensional . in addition , double 12.3 Inch screen design gives an extraordinary sense of Technology , The large screen of the central control also tilts slightly to the driver's side , Very pleasing .

motivation ,2022 paragraph UNI-T Carrying a new generation of blue whales NE1.5T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 138kW, Peak torque 300N·m. in addition , The engine also uses an electromagnetic controlled turbocharger , Faster throttle response . The new car also matches 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox , Whether it's ride comfort or shift logic , It was pretty good .


in general ,2022 paragraph UNI-T Have a good appearance 、 Elegant interior 、 Strong momentum , Excellent in every respect . The key is such an excellent model , The starting price is only 11.59 Ten thousand yuan , The top sports flagship is just 13.89 Ten thousand yuan , Such an ultra-high cost performance advantage must be sought after by many young consumers . So here comes the question , Will you start 2022 paragraph UNI-T Do you ?

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