Light passengers can't only pick up and drop off passengers. If you don't understand this, you'll lose a lot!

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light passengers pick drop passengers.

In the current passenger car market , Light passenger cars have always been used by most people as tool cars for picking up and seeing off passengers . However, due to the characteristics of this type of vehicle that can be customized according to the needs of users , Therefore, many consumers have taken their light passenger models as the first choice for business travel . Saic chase MAXUS It is an independent brand deeply cultivated in the field of light bus for many years , How to create the light passenger model that users really need , This independent brand also has its own thinking . For example, its models V90 It is a product that can fully improve users' sense of quality in the scenario of business travel 、 Comfort 、 High quality light bus with a sense of security .

Why do so many consumers in China regard light buses as the first choice for personal business travel ? One of the main reasons , It is precisely because of the advantages of light buses in space and so on , Improve user comfort through more spacious interior space .V90 It's not just about 5.5 Meter long and 3.3 The space advantage brought by the wheelbase of meters , And in the construction of the internal cabin environment , It can improve the user's sense of experience in an all-round way .

For example, the vehicle seat is made of advanced perforated leather fabric , This fabric can not only provide more in place support and wrapping for the user's back , At the same time, it also has good ventilation performance . For users , This distinctive seat can also let them sit in the car, just like sitting in the airport first-class VIP room, full of a sense of quality . Such seats also support electric adjustment , Even full dumping . For users , This design allows them to adjust to the most comfortable sitting position anytime and anywhere , So as to complete a long journey with the most pleasant mood .

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