Mitsubishi wants to make a comeback, with a high profile appearance and 4WD

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mitsubishi wants make comeback high

If yes 21 The best car brand in the world ,10 In personal 7 I must know Mitsubishi , But after several years of development and the rise of China , The declining Mitsubishi is also under pressure , Many models are ruthlessly crushed in appearance and technology , Now the designers of Mitsubishi have finally made a big move ,MPV models Delica Appearance ,8.9 The price of 10000 will kill a way !

If you see this car , Will be moved by the appearance of this car , alternative 、 Bold these two words deserve it best , From the front of the car, the domineering China grid air inlet grille and the super large headlamp group ,2 A headlight group takes up a large area of the front of the car , The effect of lighting at night is very good .

The side door adopts the effect of side sliding door , It's similar to a van , Parallel butt joints are adopted between the tail and the roof , The tail light at the rear is very personalized , A lamp group running through the tail has a flavor , The length, width and height are reached 4475/1750/1700mm.

As for the interior upholstery, you will find that the space is very large , Turn over the seat and don't lose the van at all , It's an artifact of pulling goods , No problem with large pieces , The central control adopts 2 Large central control screen , The co pilot is also a car that can watch movies and entertain , The driver mainly performs some control operations , Very human .

Mitsubishi Delica The overseas version of is equipped with a 2.2L The engine of , The matching sensor is a 6AT transmission , The maximum horsepower can reach 127Kw, Peak torque is also as high as 392Nm.

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