Affected by "Euro 7", Mercedes Benz engine will be halved

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affected euro mercedes benz engine

What is happening in Europe today “ Europe six ” The emission standards are already very high , And more strictly “ Ouqi ” Soon to be in 2025 Implemented in , This has also made it difficult for many car companies . Judging from the latest news , suffer “ Ouqi ” influence , Mercedes Benz is considering stopping the production of some engines .

In an interview , The person in charge of Mercedes Benz said : In the future, the number of engines will be reduced by half , And with the next generation of four cylinder engines C63 list , Transformation will also begin .

It's worth noting , Judging from the number and types of existing engines , Mercedes Benz is indeed in the first position in the industry , And proud of V12 Mercedes Benz engine is still in production , Currently equipped with Maybach S Class and bulletproof S level .

Objective to ,“ Ouqi ” It is indeed the most stringent emission standard in history , to want to “ achievement ” qualified , Car companies have to install thermoelectric catalysts on new cars 、 Traditional three catalysts, etc , It will further increase the production cost ; At the same time, in order to NOx Down to... Per kilometer 30 mg , Large displacement engines may no longer exist , And the manual transmission will not be present , It will be replaced by an automatic transmission with higher accuracy .

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