Worth billions, Ferrari 365 GTB / 4 real car has appeared. It has been well maintained for 50 years

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worth billions ferrari gtb real

ferrari 365 GTB/4 Your debut dates back to 1968 Paris Auto Salon in , The top speed of this car is 174 miles , Set the fastest car record at that time . In terms of power, it has a Ferrari four camshaft V12 The engine , It has left an indelible mark on the long river of automobile history .

ferrari 365GTB/4 It has a natural body shape , All the lines are natural . Moving the overall center of gravity backward is 70 The uniqueness of Italian Super running in the S , At that time, it was equipped with five frame aluminum alloy wheels , Today, it is still a classic wheel hub shape . Besides, there are " Boomerang " Style tire cover , This was the super run in Italy at that time " Standard configuration ", Lamborghini will use a similar design .

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