Chery QQ ice cream official figure first show, cute and full

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chery qq ice cream official

Phoenix Auto News In recent days, , chery iCar Ecology announced Chery QQ Three fixed makeup car pictures of ice cream , New car positioning micro electric vehicle , It is expected that it will cooperate with Wuling Hongguang in the future MINIEV And other entry-level electric vehicle products . The new car is expected to be on the market in the fourth quarter .

From the three car pictures exposed this time , chery QQ Ice cream still inherits in appearance design QQ lovely 、 Lovely genes . The light group on the front face adopts “U” Large eye headlamp design , Presents a very lovely visual effect , The lower part adopts a black large-size closed air inlet grille design , Increase the visual hierarchy of the front , Highly recognizable .

At Chery QQ The tail of the ice cream , The tail lamp also uses a headlamp like the front face “U” Large eye design , Echo back and forth with the front face . Different from the conventional planar modeling , chery QQ The tail of the ice cream is built-in , Cooperate with square box body design , The space utilization in the car is brought into full play .

chery QQ The whole side of the ice cream is outlined with strong lines “ smile ” modelling , With aluminum wheel hub , It not only improves the texture and appearance of the whole vehicle , At the same time, it also makes the design of the whole vehicle more coordinated . Besides , The side body adopts square double door design ,C The columns are designed to be more rounded , And the area of rear side window glass is relatively large , Bring a better driving feeling to the rear row . From the side , Whether it's front or back , All appear to be hierarchical , Roundness , Super cute .

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