There is no heat spread inside and there is no fear of collision outside. Zeekr 001 vehicle level safety protects you

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heat spread fear collision outside.

The development of new energy vehicles is in full swing , But one thing to note is that new energy vehicles are not oil vehicles for energy , It's a whole new species , There is a new system . For example, from a security point of view , New energy vehicles are not just a collision safety problem , This also includes battery safety and system safety , from “ Electric core - Battery pack - Vehicle ”, Are safety keys that need attention . From the current development of new energy vehicles , Safety is the first . If the safety of new energy vehicles can not convince users , Then the future development must be quite limited . So how can we create a new energy vehicle with safety that consumers can rest assured ? The final destination , Or the R & D and progress of Technology .

Vehicle safety is the first safety

If the engine is the core of the oil vehicle , So battery 、 The motor 、 The electronically controlled three electric system is obviously the core system of new energy vehicles , It not only determines the performance of new energy vehicles , It is also the key guarantee for the safety of new energy vehicles . let me put it another way , Who can master “ Three electric ” The core technology , And it is maintained at the leading level in the industry , Who can really lead the industry and dispel users' concerns , Promote the development of the industry .

Eventually we will find , New energy vehicles are not oil vehicles for energy , It should be a new product category , Everything should be redone in a targeted way , To make the product safer , It is also more in line with the needs of consumers . Car products that look the same on the surface , There are still many differences on the kernel , This is a point that needs special attention from ordinary consumers .

at present , The batteries of new energy electric vehicles are roughly classified as lead-acid batteries 、 Nickel metal hydride battery 、 Lithium manganate battery 、 Lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries . But the most mainstream and high-end are lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries , For example, BYD blade battery is lithium iron phosphate , Good security , But endurance and low temperature performance are average . and ZEEKR 001 The pole cell battery pack is a ternary lithium battery , High energy density 、 Long cycle life 、 Not afraid of low temperature , It is suitable for both the north and South markets .

Of course , The battery is only the basic part of the three electricity system , It determines the upper limit of energy storage , Performance benchmark , And the foundation of security , But just looking at the battery is not enough . The real security does not just start with the three electricity , More importantly, we should coordinate from the whole vehicle , This is also the most advanced vehicle safety concept in the industry .

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