Lingke 09 is coming! 2.0T + 8at, the new car is more beautiful than BMW X5, and the rear row is comparable to first class

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lingke coming 2.0t 8at new

With the rapid development of many domestic brands , More and more high-level domestic SUV arrival , And it has also made brilliant achievements in multiple market segments , To a certain extent, it does bring great pressure to many joint venture models . From the present point of view , Many joint ventures are medium and large SUV More adjustments have also been made to the price , So as to have better sales in the market .

In fact, to be honest , If you really want to be cost-effective , At present, domestic is still a good choice , Not only have a high level of mechanical literacy , And the strength has also been greatly improved , Moreover, the configuration also uses things that many luxury models don't have , For example, what I want to say today Led the g 09 It's a car like this .

Link launched its flagship brand SUV models , As SPA The model built by the architecture , Led the g 09 It can be said that it represents the brand moving towards the high-end market , The whole vehicle has stronger strength and atmospheric appearance , It is also equipped with multiple power assemblies , Combined with the control of this height level , Indeed, it has been recognized by many consumers . So what is the level of this car , We can have a look .

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