The spring of micro electric vehicles is coming. There are many punks on sale in August, giving you a different experience!

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spring micro electric vehicles coming.

according to the understanding of , This month, 6 Number Punk Duoduo started pre-sale , Its official launch time is 9 month . What is punk Duoduo ? It is a star model of punk car , It is also a very popular micro pure electric vehicle .

This pre-sale , Punk Duoduo has launched three prices :2.88 ten thousand 、3.28 Wanhe 3.98 ten thousand , Gives users a variety of options .

In appearance , This punk Duoduo pure electric vehicle is very small and exquisite , The lines are soft and lovely . The length, width and height of this car are relatively small , Namely 3325mm、1500mm and 1588mm.

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