240000 new cars landed, three months after driving, 260000 used cars sold? The owner is a cruel man!

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new cars landed months driving

In recent days, , Xiaobian sees a news on the social network platform , A tank 300 The owner is very angry —— Sell your own car ! He bought a tank in full 300, The version is 2021 paragraph Off road version 2.0T conqueror , The guided 21.38 Ten thousand yuan , It is said that the whole model is landing 24 More than ten thousand , Used cars are for sale 26 ten thousand ?

According to the tank 300 Owner statement , It is said that I had to wait after paying the money 3 It takes months to get the car , opened 3 After a month , The owner invited a used car appraiser to evaluate the price , The car owner asks the price directly 26 ten thousand , Otherwise, they will not sell , Used car appraisers want to keep the price down to 23 Ten thousand yuan , Finally in the tank 300 The owner's laughter ended the conversation .

After watching this video , Xiaobian deliberately checked the tank 300 The used car market , Checked the tank on the used car platform 300 Used car prices , After reading it, I exclaimed , No wonder the tank 300 The owner is so “ Whoosh ”, I really have confidence .

tanks 300 The price of used cars really surprised me , Pricing for 21.38 Ten thousand yuan off-road version 2.0T Conqueror Edition , The mileage is 1-1.4 Ten thousand kilometers of used cars , The price in 25.88-26.50 Ten thousand yuan range , If you refer to the average price , The price of used cars is 26 Ten thousand yuan up and down .

But used cars cost more than new ones , tanks 300 As an independent brand car , It's amazing enough . Yes, of course , You will say , Rare things are precious , you 're right , In fact, there are reasons .

In this year 3 month , Because tank 300 Too many orders , Great Wall Motors also issued a notice , Stop the production line and rectify the production line , To maximize production efficiency .

In this year 7 month 21 Japan , And the official announced , Affected by overseas epidemic , tanks 300 Some of the parts are out of stock , therefore , stay 7 month 22 Japan -8 month 1 During the day , Pause the tank 300 production . From the summary of the above information , tanks 300 The market is very hot , The root cause is the imbalance between supply and demand .

It is reported that , In the first half of this year , tanks 300 The cumulative sales volume has reached 33073 car , But orders have accumulated 11 Thousands of cars , This is a terrible data .

therefore , In the used car market , tanks 300 premium 2 It's normal to sell for 10000 yuan . When it comes to second-hand cars, they are more expensive than new ones , Such a case must also mention the phenomenon that occurred when Toyota Prado stopped production and delisted , I can't think of a tank 300 Once again created a miracle .

Yes, of course , About used cars selling more expensive than new cars , First, the product quality is recognized by the market , Again , This phenomenon is caused by the shortage of supply .

tanks 300 It is a hardcore off-road vehicle with hard core strength , aesthetic , Classic off-road style , The off-road style is not inferior to that of the horse herder 、 Beijing BJ40 Models such as .

Interior materials , tanks 300 Create an exquisite luxury car experience , A lot of soft material wrapped , There are also a large number of chrome plated silver decorative materials , Make the interior full of luxury and advanced feeling .

Body size , tanks 300 The length, width and height are respectively 4760/1930/1927(1903)mm, Wheelbase length 2750mm. Such a cross-country SUV The space experience is not bad , For example, the rear space , Whether it's legroom , Or the head space is very spacious .

motivation , tanks 300 Carrying 2.0T The engine , The maximum engine power is 167kW(227 horsepower ), Peak torque is 387N·m, The transmission system , The match is 8 Self - contained gearbox . Besides , It's also equipped with a four-wheel drive system , Such a cross-country SUV, High cost performance , Strong off-road performance , Hot is also a matter of sexual reason .

Go back to the beginning of the article 300 The main price of the car 26 An example of ten thousand yuan , The market has shown consumers' interest in tanks 300 Highly recognized by , At least for now , When the car source is scarce , And new tanks 300 City version 、 Ranger version 、 Cybertank version , If the price of new cars keeps rising, you can find , tanks 300 Our price is very strong , What do you think ?

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