Willanda vs. Jun! 200000 budget, how to choose?

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willanda vs. vs jun budget

Xinxinjun has just been on the market , It has aroused a high degree of discussion on the Internet , There are many reasons , As one of the three Japanese swordsmen , Qijun has always had good sales in the market , Word of mouth is also quite good . As a competitor , Velanda is also a compact car with very good comprehensive performance SUV, Appearance fashion , Good power performance , The hedging rate is also very high , It is also a very popular product in the market SUV. that , A fellow 20 All level SUV, Willanda vs. Qijun , How to choose ?

Next, compare and analyze the characteristics of these two cars , The appearance of willanda and Qijun is no longer analyzed , The appearance and modeling of the two cars have their own characteristics , The shape is very attractive , Nothing to compare , Both models are very fashionable , In line with Chinese Aesthetics .

Dynamic performance , Willanda provided 2.0L and 2.5L Dual engine power , among ,2.0L The maximum engine power is 126kW, Peak torque is 209N·m, The transmission system , The match is CVT Stepless gearbox ;2.5L Double engine power , The comprehensive power of the system is 160kW, It also provides two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions , The gearbox matches E-CVT Stepless gearbox .

Qijun is equipped with 1.5T Three cylinder engine , The maximum engine power is 150kW, Peak torque is 300N·m, The transmission system , The match is CVT Stepless gearbox .

In terms of power performance , Qijun's 1.5T The three cylinder engine is really powerful , Explosive force is not weak , After all, power 、 The torque is adjusted very high , Good performance . however 1.5T Three cylinder engine is a newly developed new product , How stable is it , To be studied .

On performance and stability , Toyota velanda seems to have more advantages . Its 2.0L Although the power is weak , But the stability and smoothness are not bad ; If you want a better performance experience ,2.5L The performance of the dual engine version of willanda is better than that of the novel steed 1.5T More powerful , Fuel economy is also more fuel-efficient .

In space , The length, width and height of willanda are 4665/1855/1680mm, Wheelbase length 2690mm, The length, width and height of the novel steeds are 4681/1840/1730mm, Wheelbase length 2706mm. From body length 、 Wheelbase comparison , In fact, there is no obvious difference between willanda and Qijun , But if you have to decide , Obviously, xinqijun looks bigger , Because its length 、 Height 、 Wheelbase is slightly better .

configuration , How did willanda and xinqijun perform ?

First look at willanda , Except for the lowest version of the leading model , All the two drive luxury models and above are equipped as standard 7 airbag 、 Tire pressure alarm 、 Three driving modes 、 Lane departure warning system 、 Lane keeping assist system 、 Active brake safety system 、 Reversing image 、L2 Class a autopilot 、 skylight 、10.1 Talent central control display 、 Satellite navigation 、 Voice recognition control system 、 Main driver's seat electric adjustment and other functions . From the perspective of basic configuration , Willanda is clearly ahead of her peers .

Then compare the novel Jun , In terms of configuration, if the minimum configuration is not considered , From sub low configuration ( Two drive comfort ) Start comparing with willanda , Novelty Jun lacks a knee airbag 、 There is no lane departure warning system for sub low configuration 、 Lane keeping assist system 、 Active brake safety system , Only the last version is equipped with .

Xinxinjun is equipped with a panoramic skylight 、 The central control display is 12.3 Inch , Satellite navigation 、 Road rescue call 、 Voice control system, etc . configuration , Novelty Jun is in line with the current mainstream SUV Configuration settings , The configuration is still very rich .

How about the maintenance cost of willanda and xinqijun ?

First look at willanda , It is learned from the data queried by the third-party platform , Vetlanda 1 Thousands of kilometers 、2 Thousands of kilometers 、3 Thousands of kilometers 、4 The maintenance cost of 10000 km is 416 element 、605 element 、416 element 、910 element . It is not difficult to find that its maintenance cost is very low , Very suitable for a family SUV The practicality of .


Xinxinjun has just been on the market , Can't get 1.5T Maintenance cost information of three cylinder model , But you might as well refer to 2020 paragraph 2.0L The cost of power version Qijun . Its 1 Thousands of kilometers 、2 Thousands of kilometers 、3 Thousands of kilometers 、4 The maintenance cost of 10000 km is 372 element 、372 element 、372 element 、787 element .

Old Qijun

also , The novel Jun is matched with 1.5T Turbocharged engine , In theory, the maintenance cost will be higher than 2.0L The maintenance cost of self-priming engine has increased , Even if the one-time maintenance cost is increased to 600 yuan , In fact, it's not particularly expensive . So , The later maintenance costs of willanda and xinqijun , The difference won't be too big .

Wrote last , From power 、 Space 、 Comparison of configuration and maintenance costs , In fact, there is not much difference between willanda and xinxinjun , But if it comes to the engine , Consumers may have doubts about choosing a car , Because the new Qijun uses a newly developed 1.5T Three cylinder engine , Whether the stability can stand the consideration of time , Some consumers may have concerns , What do you think ?

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