Does Dongfeng Peugeot 508l official map press conference have 8at as standard?

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dongfeng peugeot official map press

recently , Dongfeng Peugeot has released a set of new models 508L Model official map , As a new model , The new car is mainly upgraded in terms of configuration . The iconic tusk lamp group continues to serve , With chrome plated lattice grille , Or what we are familiar with . With their own sliding back design , Taking the route of youth sports , The exhaust layout of two sides is the same .LED The lion claw tail lamp is Peugeot's iconic design , With the bright black trim panel, the recognition is quite high .​

Interior continuation i-Cockpit Cabin design , The dashboard “ Roof placement ” Peugeot likes to play . Look at Chang'an's UNI-K、CS55 PLUS That's how you play ~ The whole cockpit is quite windy , And unique , At least not as boring as the popular system , Or just plain .

motivation , Keep carrying 1.6T、1.8T The engine , It is blessed with continuous variable valve lift technology , The maximum power is respectively 170Ps、211Ps, The maximum torque is 250N·m. Transmission system ,1.6T Model matching 6AT,1.8T matching 8AT, I wonder if the new models will be equipped as standard 8AT, After all, that's what Citroen next door did ! Peugeot made in China 508, Add a L There are no rimless doors and hatchback tailgate in the rear , Many friends will call it a simple match . And is this really a simple match ? Officials have also explained , At the beginning of the project, it developed 3 Different versions , That is to say 508、508SW、508L.

​ In short , European standard axis 508 Will be more inclined to motion positioning , In other words, it corresponds to the public with frameless doors CC, and 508L The corresponding is maiteng 、 Passat et al .

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