460km is nearly 150000. Is Xiaopeng g3i worth it?

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460km km nearly xiaopeng g3i

Xiaopeng automobile, as a member of the new force of car making , Its models are also favored by consumers , The first Xiaopeng G3 With good sales , Xiao Peng, who then changed the money G3i, The more fashionable appearance also attracts more consumers . Xiao peng G3i The price is 14.98-18.58 Ten thousand yuan , How is it ? Let's go and have a look .

Appearance Xiaopeng G3i With Xiao Peng P7 same X Robot Face Design language , Penetrating headlights look fashionable , The addition of intelligent light language makes the front of the car more dynamic . The side waistline runs through the body , The whole is displayed in a dive attitude , sporty , If you choose a two color body, it will look more fashionable . The tail lights use a through design , The lighting effect is very good .

The interior design follows a very simple style , A piece of 15.6 The inch screen replaces most of the physical buttons on the center console , The touch operation mode makes the car more scientific and technological . The dashboard uses a piece of 12.3 Inch full LCD Meter , Can provide a wealth of information , It actually feels good . Some configurations also have automatic parking , Active braking and other functions , It will be more convenient to use . The seat in , All series are equipped with imitation leather seats as standard , Both support the electric adjustment of the main and co pilot , The filler is soft , The actual ride feels very comfortable .

Power Xiaopeng G3i Whole system use 197 Marley permanent magnet synchronous motor , Maximum torque 300N·m, According to the endurance, it is divided into 460km as well as 520km Two versions , All models are fast charged 0.58 Hours to fill . In addition, lithium iron phosphate battery is used on the minimum configuration model , Other versions use ternary lithium batteries . Summary Xiaopeng G3i As a compact SUV It has a fashionable appearance , Intelligent systems , The overall endurance is also pretty good , The price is 14.98-18.58 Ten thousand yuan is worth it , If the brand requirements are not high , If you can accept this emerging car brand , It's worth getting started . If it's you , How would you choose ?

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