The appearance is more charming. 2022 Changan uni-t is listed and sold for 115900-138900

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appearance charming. charming changan uni-t

changan UNI-T Since last year 6 Since its launch in June, it has been favored by young consumers with its sharp appearance , Now the cumulative sales volume has reached 11.44 Thousands of cars .8 month 25 Japan ,2022 Section Chang'an UNI-T New listing , Not only has there been a certain upgrade in power , Also launched a new " Mecha green " Body color , Detonate the fashion trend again .

In design 2022 Section Chang'an UNI-T It still continues the family design style , The borderless grille is still an iconic element , But the new car has also made many changes in some details . such as , The body is equipped with a more refined sports surround , More visual impact ; An original... Is built into the borderless grid " A clover " Concealed grille lamp , Once again enhance the science fiction sense of the whole grid ; The side of the car body was also changed 20 Inch double five wheel hub , The sportiness of the new car has been further improved .

Of course , The biggest highlight of the new car is the addition of " Mecha green " Body color , collocation UNI-T The original sci-fi look , It can better highlight the personality of the owner . meanwhile , The unique color also makes UNI-T Once again at the forefront of the trend .

interiors , It still adopts the design style basically consistent with the new style , Simple and clear , However, the new metal cross drawing panel is used in the center console , With the new seat with perforated pattern , More advanced in visual effect . Configuration , The new car has been upgraded 12.3 Inch smart dual screen , High configuration models can also support FACE ID, Realize the function of brushing face and getting on the car .

motivation ,2022 Section Chang'an UNI-T Carrying a new generation of blue whales NE1.5T The engine + Blue whale 7DCT High efficiency Powertrain . From the book data , Compared with the cash model , The new UNI-T The power of has increased slightly , The maximum power is increased 6kW to 138kW, Peak torque is 300N·m. Red dot car reviews the upgrade of appearance details , And the new " Mecha green " Although the color matching of the car body is very exciting for the appearance controllers , But much anticipated 2.0T The car still hasn't come , Although the power has been slightly upgraded , But I'm afraid it's hard to meet the expectations of performance controllers . But now on the market 1.5T From the perspective of models at the same level , 2022 Section Chang'an UNI-T It is still one of the most outstanding models in terms of sportiness .

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