Latest information! Don't miss it! What are you hesitating about with a monthly salary of 8000! Ruicheng CC vs Ling Pai

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latest information don miss hesitating

New energy vehicles and fuel vehicles have their own characteristics , It's hard to say who's better than who , Consumers are bold to buy what they like . If you want to buy a gasoline car , Let's take a look at the next sharp journey CC He Ling Pai . Let's take a look at its performance .

models : Chang'an Ruicheng CC 2020 paragraph 1.5T Automatic tide sharp type

The guided :11.29 Ten thousand yuan

Ruicheng CC 2020 paragraph 1.5T The automatic sharp nose gives a very sporty feeling , The grid adopts an inverted trapezoidal design , Add more chrome plated strips , In line with consumers' aesthetic .

The size of the car is 4800/1825/1465mm, The wheelbase 2770mm, The side of the car presents a dynamic design style , Strong sense of movement .

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