King of compact SUVs! Don't you start with a monthly salary of 8000? Chang'an cs55 vs Qichen T70

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king compact suvs don start

The high configuration route is the characteristic of Chinese brand models , meanwhile , Affordable price is also a point for Chinese brand models to attract consumers , Make Chinese brand models more and more popular . Here are two Chinese brand cars , They are Chang'an CS55 He Qichen T70. So let's take a look at it .

models : changan CS55 2019 paragraph 1.5T Automatic color dazzle type countries VI

The guided :10.39 Ten thousand yuan

changan CS55 2019 paragraph 1.5T The automatic dazzle front design looks very mediocre , Dot matrix grille decorated with chrome ornaments , Give people a good visual effect .

, changan CS55 2019 paragraph 1.5T The auto dazzling interior looks very fashionable and simple , The overall shape is remarkable . The car adopts a leather multifunctional steering wheel design , The overall design looks regular , And equipped with steering wheel 4 Adjust to manual .

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