How should the gearbox be maintained? What are the gearbox types and how should we recognize them

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gearbox maintained gearbox types recognize

Know the gearbox , We must first know that the gearbox is divided into manual and automatic , Manual transmission is divided into two axle manual transmission and middle axle manual transmission ; Automatic transmission is divided into four types , They are double clutch automatic transmission (DCT The transmission )、 Electronic mechanical automatic transmission (AMT The transmission )、 Mechanical stepless automatic transmission (CVT Stepless transmission ) Hydraulic automatic transmission (AT The transmission ).

How should the manual transmission be maintained , First , When driving to a certain mileage or returning from a long drive , Be sure to check the transmission for oil leakage and oil leakage , If there is , Be sure to clean and repair in time . The lubricating oil in the gearbox shall be replaced regularly , commonly 10 Just replace it once every 10000 kilometers . For the transmission , The transmission oil can play the role of lubrication , however , If mineral oil is used in the gearbox, gear oil , You need to 3 Years or 6 Replace the transmission oil every 10000 km . If the owner uses synthetic oil , Just check the transmission oil regularly , If there is no problem with the transmission oil , You can not change it for the time being , Until there is an abnormal state or it is time for regular replacement , Last , Remember to keep the transmission clean .

Of course , When starting a car with manual transmission , Starting with first gear is also a kind of love for manual transmission , If you start in second gear , It will increase the adhesion between the transmission and the engine , A long time will cause great damage to the gearbox . It's also best not to slide in neutral , Especially downhill , Try to use the engine brake .

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