What is "iron bone tenderness", the name of tank 600 was changed to tank 500, and the Chengdu auto show ushered in its first show

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iron bone tenderness tank changed

It is reported that , tanks 600 Renamed tank 500,“ Iron tenderness ” It will make its debut at Chengdu auto show , Let's look forward to it !

The air inlet grille on the front face is treated transversely , Three dimensional modeling, full of atmosphere , The logo in the middle is very eye-catching . The bilateral headlamp group adopts rectangular design , The internal matrix light block arrangement is clearly visible . The lower encirclement is solid and steady , With a certain degree of security .

The luggage rack on the side of the body is painted in silver , Practical and beautiful . The large-size dense wheel hub is full of tension , The high chassis increases the visual feeling of the car . The silver window line is also the embodiment of details .

The external spare tire at the rear increases the cover , The silver decoration is blessed with a penetrating black trim , Visually very beautiful . The vertical double Centennial tail lamp group has a full three-dimensional feeling , The effect of turning on the light is very good . The hidden exhaust port is also the embodiment of sports attributes .

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