Boyue x real car exposure: this front face, dare you say it's greasy?

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boyue real car exposure face

writing / Brother tie is watching Bo Yue X Before , Let's take a look at the ordinary version of Bo Yue Pro The appearance of .

To tell you the truth, it's hard for this appearance to cause fluctuations in consumers' hearts , Especially young consumers . In this age of excitement , The car has also been lightened in previous years , Develop in a direction full of impact . And for Bo Yue Pro For this classic model , The lowest cost change is to change the front face , So Bo Yue X coming .

And boyue Pro comparison , Bo Yue X Completely open the gap between the grille and the lower bumper , As its name suggests , The new grille is X shape , The interior is interspersed with blackened texture of scattering equipment , The visual impact is much stronger immediately . meanwhile , In the fog lamp area on both sides , Designers also use a variety of colors to render a strong sense of hierarchy . In a word —— Changed spirit .

The beautification project also continues to the side and rear of the car , Orange trim strips and blackened rims are added on the side of the car ; The rear of the car is orange “X” To show your identity . It's just that the upgrade is not as strong as the front face .

interiors , Bo Yue X Blue, white and black colors symbolizing advanced elegance are used , Improved the interior feel , And the whole thing IP The design is still confidential . motivation , Bo Yue X It is expected to continue to carry 1.8T The engine , Transmission system matching 6 Speed manual and 7 Fast double clutch gearbox .

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