The satisfaction of post-90s car owners is the lowest in the industry. After the new 1.5T is installed, can Willan Pro break through the happy red line?

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satisfaction post-90s post car owners

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many Sum up the experience of recommending new cars to friends in , Media teachers have a basic consensus : A+ Class sedan , Most difficult to recommend ! The reason is simple , This group , stay A certain Under the premise of budget , I want everything , Especially today's demand for driving pleasure , But also “ Not one less ”.
After all , We're all adults , Don't do multiple choice questions , I have to have everything others have !


In recent days, ,J.D.Power Published an interesting set of data , stay 2021 In the automobile product charm satisfaction survey , As the main force of consumption ,90 Although the proportion of rear car owners has reached 52%, But their satisfaction is the lowest in the whole population , Only for 718 branch . The project with the biggest gap with the industry average satisfaction is vehicle performance , Below the industry average 17.1 branch .



Yveron Pro The joint venture A+ In terms of the class car market , We chose becquerville Pro、 The Honda civic 、 The public soar team 、 Toyota Asian lion 4 Compare the parameters at the power level with popular models .

It should be noted that , Our comparison form does not include the old Jianghu Xuanyi , Instead, they put in the new Japanese young Asian lion . The reason lies in , Xuanyi's one 1.6L Power level of self-priming engine , More suitable for 1.2T、1.5L Self priming for parameter comparison , And the following table 1.5T、1.4T as well as 2.0L Naturally aspirated , Not in the same comparative dimension . let me put it another way , carrying 1.5T、1.4T as well as 2.0L Naturally aspirated models , It's the current mainstream A+ Among the first-class family cars , The best power experience consumers can buy .


notes : Beechville Pro Comprehensive fuel consumption is WLTC standard , The other three are NEDC standard ,WLTC The standard is the global light vehicle test procedure , The test methods include low speed 、 Medium speed 、 High speed and ultra-high speed 4 Parts of , More comprehensive and rigorous .


But from the data in the above table, we can find that , Beechville Pro No matter facing the Japanese system 2.0L Self suction , Or German 1.4T turbo , It has obvious advantages in power , The torque performance is also a tie with Sagitar , But the power of Sagitar is the lowest . Even the powerful Civic , In Willan Pro This one is the strongest 1.5T In front of , It also seems a little eclipsed .


For vehicle performance 、 Driving comfort and the pleasure of driving , Wei long Pro Run a hundred kilometers and accelerate 7.7s The achievement of . In particular , Although the fuel consumption of several cars participating in the comparison can reach 100 kilometers 6L following , But Willan Pro What is announced is more stringent and close to the actual working conditions WLTC Fuel consumption , It can be said that they are very confident in their fuel economy .


To sum up, we can see , Wei long Pro This one 1.5T The engine , From the parameter level, it can be said that this level of ceiling . And behind these parameters , Nature is inseparable from many black technologies . Including the latest generation of control chips 、35Mpa High pressure direct injection system 、 Electric bleeder valve, turbocharger and ATM The combination of many advanced technologies and materials such as active thermal management .


such as “ Single cylinder is the best ” The efficiency improvement brought by the concept is excellent , The power rise of the engine has exceeded 100KW achieve 103.3KW. What does this data mean ? In short , It broke the record of engines with the same displacement .

Generally speaking , Reaching this level , Basically, only the performance cars of luxury brands can be realized , such as : Mercedes A35 AMG carrying 2.0T Of 112.5KW, audi S3 Of 106.5KW. and , This new one 1.5T The maximum torque output speed range of the engine can cover 1500-5000rpm Inside , This almost completely covers the engine speed range we can use for daily driving .

As a comparison , BMW 3 The low power version of the system 2.0T The maximum torque of the engine is 250 Cattle meters , The maximum torque output speed range is 1250~4000rpm. thus it can be seen , Whether it's torque peak , Or the range of torque output platform , Wei long Pro This is brand new 1.5T The engine , Even comparable to BMW's low power 2.0T The engine .

In durability and NVH aspect , This engine also performs well , Even small parts such as machine foot pads , Are made of ultra-low temperature fluororubber , More fully absorb vibration , And infrared welding through thermal management module 、 New processes such as precision sand casting , Improved manufacturing accuracy .

More Than This , Wei long Pro The latest generation controller used in this engine (ECM), Design and development led by general motors , Compared with the current mainstream products , Computing power increased by nearly 14%, The performance of internal memory is improved 33% above . stay ECM Under the command of , The combustion system of the engine 、 Intake air control system 、 The intelligence of cooling and lubrication system and other components has been greatly improved .


Another interesting point is , Behind the performance and technical advantages , GM gave the engine an interesting and loud name ——“Avatar "Avatar" ”. As the first in film history ,《 "Avatar" 》 We have achieved a real mass of people , The most eye-catching thing is that avatar in the film can use wisdom 、 Self evolution and promotion in a sci-fi way .

From Sanskrit “Avatar” Avatar has “ avatar ” and “ sublimation ” The meaning of , It is similar to the powerful expansion ability of this engine of the same name , It not only supports 48V Light mixed system , It also supports forced mixing and plug-in mixing systems , Extremely adaptable , Can also take into account the German system 48V Break through with the Japanese system , And keep leading in the industry for some time in the future , Deepen Buick's competitive advantage in the joint venture brand .



The increasing needs of users , In fact, it is a reverse incentive and promotion for auto enterprises , Making consumers happy is the secret to really impress the new generation . First equipped with the eighth generation Ecotec new 1.5T Willan of the engine Pro, It not only breaks through the red line of consumer happiness in performance , In terms of driving comfort and quality , Such as the double appearance design of kejiakesa 、2700mm Wheelbase performance , A rare pair at the same level 10.25 Inch full LCD instrument and central control screen, etc , It will also attract more young users , Bring better driving experience to the new generation .



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