Chery QQ ice cream official map release will be listed in 2021

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chery qq ice cream official

The new car continues the previous experience QQ The dull design language of the model , And will provide a rich choice of colors , The round headlight on the front face looks like a pair of cat eyes , One side of the China open is sealed , With dot matrix texture .

The body side , The new car has a flat roof shape , It can ensure the head space of passengers in the car . There are polygonal tail light groups on both sides of the rear , Internal auxiliary U Cavity details .

future , chery iCar Ecological future will not only cooperate with Alibaba cloud , It will also carry out in-depth cooperation with other enterprises .iCar Eco will also continue to launch more models and customized accessories 、 Fashion make-up 、 Cultural film and television 、 Boutique, peripheral and other vehicles, life, full link resources, new products .( writing : Pacific automotive network Yayong )

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