Nostalgic or shabby? BJ212 tribute edition takes you back to 'original' off-road

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nostalgic shabby bj212 bj tribute

When I was a child , Cars are not as common as they are today , Not as diverse as it is now , At that time, I felt strange to see the car , I feel very domineering when I see an off-road car occasionally . Speaking of old off-road , No one can match BJ212 Older , As " The living fossil of Chinese cars ", baic BJ212 Born in the sixties and seventies , Carrying the memory of the older generation , It has made great contributions to national construction .

BJ212 After childbirth , Many media and consumers are very concerned about its development , In the recently BJ212 Introduction 2021 paragraph 1.5T After the Centennial Edition of the triangle gate , In recent days, BJ212 Has introduced 2.4 T Tribute Edition , While retaining the sense of age, it has also made some improvements , But there are many people who question : Whether to sell feelings or products ?

antique : Carry retro to the end

Maybe it's the idea of continuing feelings ,BJ212 In terms of appearance, it hasn't changed much , Always keep " Restoring ancient ways " Design style of , But as a cross-country faction ,BJ212 Recognition is still very high . Color matching design of mud yellow and black , Show the old off-road style , The design of cylindrical lamp group is quite simple 60 The charm of the age , The arched bonnet , Retro atmosphere . meanwhile , Square shape design plus oversized body size , Plus a high ground clearance , Full of domineering feeling .

BJ212 As a whole, the classic elements are completely preserved in appearance , Little change , Soft roof 、 Air raid lights and triangle doors are all continued with the original flavor , Such a design is still very attractive to consumers in the last century or who like retro style , After all, so many years of history is a selling point that many cars don't have .

dilapidated : Too nostalgic to exaggerate

For the retro look , I think this is BJ212 A good advantage , But when it comes to the retro interior , This retro wind seems to have become a shabby wind .BJ212 The interior basically adopts its initial design , Large area black plastic wrap 、 A simple three piece steering wheel 、 Old front storage box 、 Retro light control buttons and manual radio , It's off-road , In fact, it's more like a through 60 The time machine of the s .

The nostalgic design of the interior greatly reduces the ride comfort and intelligent experience , The monochrome trip computer display and the hand-controlled radio are the few designs in the car that have a little edge with the sense of science and Technology , Details , Harness connectors that are directly exposed 、 The air conditioning pipeline and wiper motor also further reduce the texture of the interior . As netizens say , The shape can be nostalgic , The interior must be innovated , Such old-fashioned interiors are no longer suitable for the current era .

practical : Toys or tools

BJ212 The biggest highlight of the commemorative edition is the power , It carries a 2.4T Gasoline engine , The most powerful 211 horsepower , Maximum torque 320 Cattle meters , matching 6 Speed manual transmission , The power performance still has the strength of hardline off-road , Plus the time-sharing 4WD system , Maximum wading depth 600mm, The overall strength has indeed improved a lot .

Taken together ,BJ212 In terms of appearance and performance, it is still in good order , But the interior is too rough , The ride comfort is not satisfactory , At the same time, from the previous BJ212 From the performance of the model , The reliability of this car is particularly poor , The failure rate is also very high , So many people call it " Industrial waste ". therefore , This car is more designed, more like a retro toy , Not for travel .

All in all , As a classic old car ,BJ212 It carries the feelings and beliefs of many people , But as a modern model ,BJ212 Should not be too attached to nostalgia , We should be more constructive in intelligence and sense of science and technology , Only in practicality and comfort ,BJ212 In order to have a longer time in the market "212 feelings ".

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