This car once sold for 2.4 million, known as the "goddess harvester". Now no one wants a discount. It's really realistic

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car sold million known goddess

introduction :

With the development of the times , Cars also have many changes , For example, appearance 、 form , The price is , Brand, etc . It seems that the car is no longer just a means of transportation , More as a symbol of identity .

It's the so-called big man's wedding , a girl of age should be married , But reality always wakes us up . Is it easy to get married now , It is not easy to , In the eyes of his mother-in-law, a man should have a house and a car , This is the premise. . After all, she is , Failed to meet her requirements , You can't get married . On the other hand, foreigners have very good face , I'm sure I want to buy BBA Class luxury car .

Used Porsche

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