It's not a sudden rollover. There's a hint on the show?

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sudden rollover. rollover hint

Hunan Satellite TV host Qian Feng has made the latest progress in reporting rape ,

Shanghai Changning Public Security Branch issued a circular last night ,

call “ The existing evidence cannot prove the existence of the crime of rape ”

Briefly review the events

24 On the afternoon of Sunday 4 Some more , Net friend @ Xiaoyi wants the bad guys to be punished The document broke the news that he was raped by Qian Feng two years ago �

Two people passed 2018 year 《 Day day up 》 A recorded acquaintance ,

After recording , Qian Feng asked for the girl's wechat through the staff �

At first it was just a chat , The first time I met was in 2019 Year of 2 month 14 Number ,

That night , They had sex ,

But Xiaoyi suspects that Qian Feng drugged his wine �

To prove that you didn't take the initiative to stay , The next day, she contacted the online taxi driver and the community security to obtain evidence �

After getting the testimony and monitoring , Xiaoyi decides to call the police �

The incident is controversial here ,

According to Xiaoyi , After the police summoned her to take notes “ Things suddenly didn't follow ”�

And in last night's briefing ,

Police said they had “ Can't prove rape ” Of 《 Notice of non filing 》 Sent it to Xiaoyi ,

Xiaoyi himself signed for confirmation �

It's hard to avoid questioning :

Since I accepted the findings , Why did it come out suddenly two years later ?

After the police report , Xiaoyi FA explained this in a long article ,

Said that after Qian Feng personally admitted the rape , I didn't sign the mediation , Later, I received a certificate not to file a case ,

At that time, I didn't continue to investigate because I thought I didn't have enough evidence , Now with the help of friends, I want an explanation �

She also specifically clarified that she did not receive the money �

About “ Qian Feng personally admitted rape ” This information , Whether it is true or not remains to be confirmed ,

In the recording provided by Xiaoyi , Only her unilateral statement :“ He confessed to raping me , Why did the criminal policeman ask me to mediate ?”

At present, the police have not provided relevant videos


The truth of the incident and its contradictions have yet to be investigated and collected , Xiaoyi also said he would continue to call the police ,

We can let the bullet fly a little longer ,

But some of the comments on the woman's microblog are quite sad .

Because Xiaoyi sent photos to Qian Feng afterwards , So I suspect she's “ Play the woman ”

Because Qian Feng said “ You're not very awake this morning ?” I suspect she took the initiative to have sex a second time

Everyone is questioning girls ,

No one asked Qian Feng ?

Why pull a drunk girl into her home with a zipper ?

Why take the initiative to give money to appease the other party's emotions after the event ?

They did come out to eat, drink and sing after talking for a few months K Of ,

That means the woman agrees to have sex ?

There's another one involved “ Sexual consent ” The problem of .

So-called “ Sexual consent ”, Refer to “ Clear communication between all participants 、 Voluntary sexual agreement ”.

“ The sexual behavior to obtain sexual consent must be informed and agreed by the other party , Voluntarily participate on the premise that the other party has a clear consciousness ”

It doesn't count to promise to meet , It doesn't count to drink your milk tea ,

Even if we share a room without each other's permission, let alone .


At present, Qian Feng, the other party to the incident, has not responded ,

But Hunan Satellite TV has stopped his work

Who would have thought , Just a few days ago, Qian Feng signed a letter of commitment to Yide ...

It's good to say that netizens have a hindsight , Turn over the old accounts ,

Now look at Qian Feng's various performances in previous programs , It's really hard not to think too much .

Like the goose group 2012 This post in

Of course, as a normal physiological phenomenon , We can't draw any conclusions on this ...

Another example is that he was revealed by other artists , Said he ate a bullwhip pot for two months

Checked the efficacy of bullwhip , Ah, this ...

# I don't rule out that he loves to eat

A period 《 Mars intelligence 》, The guest rose gracefully to answer the question

Several male artists made fun of her clothes

Liu Wei :“ This dress is gentle ...”

Joker Xue :“ My god , Gentle, isn't this skirt too open ?”

Qian Feng :......

Tianyuan :“ Why don't you dance ?”

Qian quickly added :

“ What jump , Speak while raising your legs ”

Xue also immediately received the stem :“ Who are you ? Said standing upside down ”

Listen, listen , This is what people say ?

Use obscenity as humor , Make fun of shamelessness ,

The key one dares to say , One dares to broadcast ,

When did it become so normal to tease girls in public ?

The key is that the person being teased can't be angry ,

If you're angry, you can't afford to play , Just say “ It's all about the effect of the program. If you take it seriously, you lose ...”

Finally, Ying caier helped Wenya solve the Siege

“ Joker Xue, don't turn around. ...”


In a short day , Qian Feng was killed by all kinds of people “ Dig grave ”, Character and quality have been greatly questioned .

Talking about girls drinking milk tea with straw ,

Qian Feng said while imitating :“ Is it her move ... Well, if we make the straw thicker ”

chat “ The superpower you want most ”,

money :“ Perspective eyes ”

# Pinpin this expression

He also said in the back “ I'm not just looking at the contents of the clothes , I'm looking at diseases in my body ”�

o ...

Now look , It's hard not to doubt that the people around you know something

Ying caier : He just kept staring at my chest and said big �

Shen Mengchen : Listen to his voice ( You know ) I went to the disco again last night ...

Joker Xue : He is not in the nightclub every day �

Let yuan Shanshan evaluate the advantages of Qian Feng , She was speechless for a moment �

Especially Yang Di ,

His eyes see through too much �

“ Once, I would touch it there , Speak as you speak , Touch someone's hand ”

It was Qian Feng who touched Guo Xuefu ...

Qian Feng said his confession was rejected , The reason is flower heart ,

Yang Di : She's telling the truth ...

Talking about giving girls a slag Prevention Manual ,

Yang Di answers : Chief editor Qian Fengge ...

We don't know how much truth is said through jokes ,

Even if it's for program effect and life ,

Then he is too stable and unified ...


Before this happened , The topic around Qian Feng has always been “ figure ”,

Basically, after a while, he will because “ Gain weight ” Hot search

As for the reason why you can't lose weight ,

First of all, I have no requirements for myself , Don't avoid eating and drinking

Secondly, the outside world also paid special attention to him “ tolerance ”

Female artists gain weight :“ Why are you so unruly ?”

Qian Fengchang :“ Like an inflatable doll ”

When thin, resources are not poor ,

Fat and not less on the show ,

One party after another

You can make money comfortably , I don't have to lose weight ...

Besides, judging from his wealth ,

He is not short of money

Life is so moist ,

Nature has no interest in many things “ Fear ”,

Like feelings


Go back to the event itself ,

The reason why Qian Feng couldn't be with Xiaoyi “ Do you have sex voluntarily ” Reach a consensus on

Part of the reason , Including him , Many men cannot empathize with women ,

Especially in the face of harassment and even sexual assault ...

A period 《 Day day up 》 It also reflects the problem

At that time, the program discussed a real case , ask :

“ On the plane , Zhang San picked up the earphone , Put your hand on the lap of the next lady Li Si 90 minute , Does Zhang San constitute sexual harassment ?”

Although the host and guests including Qian Feng chose “ yes ”�

But the middle part of the case is uncomfortable �

Qian Feng :“ What's the problem ? Didn't Li Si react ? May I ask Li Si whether to turn a blind eye or ?

Female lawyer :“ She was awake , I didn't fall asleep ”

Qian Feng :“ Then she volunteered ...”

“ The girl was touched 90 Why didn't you call for help ?”

“ She didn't resist. Did they look at each other and acquiesce ?”

The effect of variety shows pursuing point of view collision is understandable ,

Terrible is , This happens in reality , Many people habitually question the victim first ...

In such a difficult situation of obtaining rape evidence ,

It's hard for girls to stand up bravely when they are infringed ,

They say Internet surfing should be done “ Eat melons without standing in line ”,

I hope you will give the truth a little more time .

The last sentence

It is said that Wu Yifan event is a watershed in the entertainment circle , Maybe the meaning of Meizhu is here ...

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