This is old man music! Citroen AMI rebranded as Opel rocks-e

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old man music citroen ami

It seems that we haven't heard from Opel for a long time , Although Opel has withdrawn from the Chinese market for a long time , But in Europe, it is still a very existential brand . Recently, Opel launched a new electric car ——Rocks-e Tiny EV, But technically alone , The technology of this car is not the latest , Because it's a Citroen Ami Re branded models .

This car is very light , Not counting the battery, there is only no more than 425 The weight of a kilogram , The body is small and can only accommodate two adults , So it can only be used as a scooter , But it's hard to park , There is a market for cars like this in crowded Europe , But on the whole, this one Rocks-e Tiny EV It's really like our old man le .

And Citroen Ami equally , The doors of this car open in the opposite direction , At present, young people may feel bright , Or one of our MINI Models can also be learned , But this is exactly a European design for smaller vehicles , A long time ago, many small models adopted this driving design , Easy access to items 、 Save a space , But now it's used again , It's not a new technology .

Citroen Ami

The power of this car is also quite happy , A piece with a maximum horsepower of 8 Battery of the horse , A top speed of 45 km / Hours …… Does the bike smell bad ? Let's not worry about its endurance . So I think this car may not enter China at all , It can only be used as a scooter in some European cities , So let's just have a look .

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