Domestic brand-new SUV, the nemesis of Harvard H6, rolling Baojun 560

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domestic brand-new brand new suv

Zhongtai has been rising in the past two years , With gorgeous appearance and super high appearance , Deeply loved by young people in China , Now Zhongtai also began to take the long-distance route , Today's car has to be said to be very aggressive , It's Zhongtai T500.

Hexagonal air inlet grille is adopted at the upper end of the appearance , Sharp headlights and grille are integrated , The roof adopts the most popular suspended roof , The tail looks sporty , The tail light runs through the tail, giving people the feeling of a luxury car , Your appearance is not inferior to Harvard H6.

At a glance, the interior gives people a bright feeling , Adopt a new design style , The central control configuration is the most popular suspended LCD screen at present , Like a key start 、 Keyless entry 、 There are all kinds of viewfinder and parking images , The security configuration is also very rich , with AEB Automatic emergency brake system 、ESC Configuration of body stability system, etc .

Is the three piece steering wheel a bit like a Porsche , The overall interior is mainly black and beige , It looks very atmospheric , The seat wrapping is very comfortable , Driving for a long time won't be very tired , The performance is also OK .

motivation , zhongtai T500 Will carry one 1.5T The engine , The estimated maximum power is 156 horsepower (115kW), Peak torque is 205Nm, The driveline will match 5 Speed manual and 6 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

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