Listing! Can you afford 300000 a year? Jaguar XFL vs Lincoln Continental

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listing afford year jaguar xfl

Buying a car should keep pace with the times , Complete scientific and technological configuration can indeed improve people's driving convenience , It's worth buying . At the thought of high configuration , Xiao Bian's mind came up with Jaguar XFL And Lincoln Continental . So do they meet your requirements ? Let's look down with Xiaobian .

models : jaguar XFL 2020 paragraph XFL 2.0T P200 Two wheel drive flag version countries VI

The guided :42.08 Ten thousand yuan

Let's take a look at Jaguar first XFL 2020 paragraph XFL 2.0T P200 The appearance of the 2WD flag version , The front of the car gives a ferocious feeling , Use round lines , Plus cellular mesh , In line with consumers' aesthetic . meanwhile , The headlights of the car show a sharp design style , Showing a good sportsmanship .

Look at the tires , The specifications of the front and rear tires of the car are 245/40 R19, Multi spoke rim design is adopted .

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