Buy it at home! With a monthly salary of 5000, you can easily win it! Vistas X6 vs se DX7

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buy home monthly salary easily

For some people who buy cars , The exterior of the car is for passers-by , The comfort configuration is what you can really use , The more comfortable the car is, the more happiness it can bring . When it comes to high configuration , I have to mention the next two , They are the vision X6 And Southeast DX7. As for their advantages , Please look down .

models : Geely vision X6 2020 paragraph 1.4T CVT Asian Games Edition

The guided :9.99 Ten thousand yuan

vision X6 2020 paragraph 1.4T CVT The front design of the Asian Games version is more atmospheric , The water ripple grille is decorated with chrome ornaments , Give people a good visual effect .

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