The 2022 uni-t115900 mecha of Chang'an Automobile new force attacked

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uni-t115900 uni mecha chang automobile

Vapor potential Auto-First| Liu Tianming

8 month 25 Japan , Changan automobile 2022 paragraph UNI-T Officially listed , Introduction 5 Model configuration , Official guidance price range 11.59-13.89 Ten thousand yuan . The appearance of the new car 、 power 、 The interior is optimized in detail , Deliver the youth movement to young users again SUV The unique charm of .

Appearance design ,2022 paragraph UNI-T Based on the continuation of family boundless design , Added a more refined sports surround , Borderless grille with built-in originality “ A clover ” Concealed grille lamp , Greatly increase the sense of technology in the front face . Besides ,2022 paragraph UNI-T Equipped with a 20 Inch flexible double five wheel hub , And provide new “ Mecha green ” Body color , Further strengthen the attributes of fashion and sports .

Into the car ,2022 paragraph UNI-T Provide users with high-quality technology cockpit , The central control surface adopts the cross drawing panel with metal layered texture , With brand new black 、 Add light gray and two colors to match the interior perfectly , The details are dotted with orange stitches , Reveal a sense of movement .

2022 paragraph UNI-T The new seat surface adopts scientific and technological punching pattern , Exquisite detail technology shows high quality . The headrest and leg rest are made of environmental protection suede , Bring users an extremely soft touch experience .2022 paragraph UNI-T Upgrade double 12.3 Inch smart dual screen ,FACE ID× Super account to achieve efficient car brushing , Intelligent service users .

motivation ,2022 paragraph UNI-T Carrying a new generation of blue whales NE1.5T The engine , Peak power from 132kW Up to the 138kW, The peak torque is still 300N·m, However, the peak torque output speed range is increased to 1500rpm-4000rpm. meanwhile , Application of electromagnetic controlled turbocharging technology , The occurrence of turbine hysteresis is effectively reduced , More rapid dynamic response . Match the blue whale 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox , Shift more quickly . Within this year ,UNI-T It will also launch 2.0T Engine type .

As a high-end product series of Chang'an Automobile UNI The first model of ,UNI-T since 2020 year 6 The cumulative sales volume reached 11.44 Thousands of cars , It has become the main contribution model of Changan Automobile sales . In vapor potential Auto-First It seems , New mecha style appearance , Cater to the aesthetic of young consumer groups , meanwhile , Reasonable price range and advantages of a number of welfare policies , It enhances UNI-T The core competitiveness of the series , Continue to support Chang'an automobile to move forward to the high-end road .

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