Second child family, wait! The new Odyssey is coming. 7 seats are equipped with double-layer sound insulation and 2.0L hybrid

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second child family wait new

How to choose a car for a family with two children ? As a hot topic in the current automobile market , The car selection of two child families has become the focus of attention , In terms of demand ,6 Seat and above models are worth choosing , Speaking of this , I believe the first thing many people think of is 7 seat SUV, Big 7 The space of the seat meets the needs of the second child family , But from a comfort point of view ,MPV The performance is obviously better , Especially business MPV, It can be said that both space and comfort are taken into account , The comprehensive performance is very outstanding , image GL8、 Odyssey and others are popular mainstream businesses in the current domestic market MPV models , It has won the favor of the majority of domestic users .

From the current domestic business MPV Look at the market , Odyssey and GL8 The competition is getting more and more fierce , But in terms of sales performance ,GL8 It's always been an odyssey , It can be called business MPV The biggest winner in the market , The reason GL8 Can sell well , It can be said that it is directly related to the continuous improvement of its product power , In contrast, Odyssey , The product strength is much inferior , In order to further improve the product power , Odyssey is about to usher in a mid-term change , at present , The new Odyssey has been released overseas , It is expected to enter the domestic market next year , It's bound to be right then GL8 Cause a great impact .

From the perspective of overseas real shooting , The appearance change of the new Odyssey can be said to be obvious , Added a lot of the latest elements of the current family , The design of the front face takes on a new look , A new hexagonal air inlet grille is adopted , The interior is decorated with a number of chrome plated banners , It looks not only exquisite , And it has a sense of hierarchy , The lower front surround is also decorated with chrome plated elements , It shows the side of sports , The headlight groups on both sides are connected through a chrome plated trim strip in the middle , The shape of the flat and narrow lamp group is matched with the interior LED Blessing of light source , It brings a very strong visual impact , Make the whole front face more recognizable .

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