"X" mecha elements added to Geely Dihao L and boyue x will be launched at Chengdu auto show

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mecha elements added geely dihao

recently , Cheshijie technology learned , Geely motor released its emgrand L、 Bo Yue X Preview of , The actual vehicle will be 8 month 29 The Chengdu auto show, which opened on the th, launched . From the preview we can see , emgrand L In the modeling design, a more dynamic front face is adopted , Bo Yue X It is also completely different from cash boyue in the design of the front Pro Design idea .

emgrand L It has been officially declared before , The design of its front face adopts the latest design language , The front of the car uses a wide integrated air inlet grille , China Grid adopts cross mesh design , To present “X” The feeling of , And match it with downward and outward LED Daytime running lamp design , Make the front of the car show a good sense of future .

meanwhile , The new car adopts a three-stage headlamp group LED Lamp with , Make the front more family design elements . It is worth mentioning that , The front of the new car has a black bumper design , Echoes with the air intake grille .

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