What are the precautions for driving a luxury car? Look quickly, or the society will be embarrassed

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precautions driving luxury car look

In recent days, , topic of conversation “ The first time I took a luxury car, my club died ” It's a hot search on weibo , This hot search is about the blogger's first sitting on the top with the version of Lincoln continent , I tried to get out of the car, but I couldn't find the door handle , Facing a pile of buttons , Subconsciously select the largest button , But mistakenly use the boss key as the door key , As a result, the scene of social death .

In order to reduce the frequency of social death scenes , Today, let's take stock of the different designs of those luxury cars , Teaching by hand , Help you finish taking a luxury car “ Get on the train , Put in gear ” One stop operation .

How to open the door ?

Luxury cars , There are always some differences , The opening and closing mode of the door is full of tricks . Like a hidden door handle 、 Gull wing door, etc , It's all super runs 、 Elements that new forces like to use in making cars , Here is an example .

Sliding door , This is the most common way to open the door , Simple structure , The cost is relatively low , At the same time, it also conforms to the daily habit of opening the door , It has been used up to now and has become the mainstream design . Although common , But some models just want to be unusual : There will be a meeting, right ? Then I'll hide , You can't find it . For example, Honda Binzhi's embedded outer handle , And Tesla's hidden outer handle , It needs to be pressed manually to eject .

Gull wing door as the name suggests , The opening and closing of the gull wing door is like a seagull spreading its wings , It can cover the wind and rain ( It may not be able to stop ). Mercedes Benz classic sports car 300sl As the founder of gull wing gate , Classical and romantic are its pronouns .

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