Entertainment stars frequently roll over. Now looking back at Wang Baoqiang, he really retreats

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entertainment stars frequently roll over.

For nearly a month , The male stars in the entertainment industry frequently rollover . While eating melons, we also feel whether the entertainment industry is about to change ?

It's not clear whether it will change or not , But it is clear that what should come is always coming . Just one sentence : Don't let anyone know , Don't do it unless you do it .

What are the stars who roll over frequently ? In the past, we didn't have to turn over the old accounts , Just look at the people in front of you “ Junior ” People , It's enough for everyone to digest .

Wu YF, Huo Zun , Qian Feng , Zhang zhehan , The first three male stars have traffic and fame , The latter is also a famous traffic artist who has just been online for nearly half a year .

The first three stars were all defeated by women's pomegranate skirts , I wonder if you have found any problems , In the entertainment world , Star artists who can collapse houses and overturn cars , Most of them can't escape the topic of women .

The scandal of these artists , Not much . Look back at Wang Baoqiang's events , You must not have forgotten . But now let's compare these artists , Stars in the same circle , Just look at Wang Baoqiang , He is really a successful person who retreats completely .

Don't look at Bao Qiang's simple appearance , He is really not stupid ! Why do you say that ? Or that sentence , He didn't roll over , He can be called in the entertainment industry , A pure land among male compatriots .

Think back to 2016 The divorce between Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong in ,5 Years have passed , At that time, everyone agreed that Wang Baoqiang would lose to Ma Rong and his agent song � Blowing neon � After all, he is too naive . And everyone used to think that Wang Baoqiang was wearing a big green hat , Ma Rong really left everyone's sight because of this .

From the whole thing , Ma Rong seems to have won , Tortured Wang Baoqiang for several years . But actually ? Renjiabaoqiang didn't do anything , And the whole process is not to say a word , It's all carried by yourself . Even the division of Ma Rong's property , Ma Rong made trouble 2 years , Finally, Wang Baoqiang won .

Wang Baoqiang had no money , He still took the money borrowed from Chen Sicheng to court . After winning the lawsuit , The money is back , Ma Rong also revealed that the first time Wang Baoqiang took back the money was to pay taxes .

The speaker has no intention and the hearer has intention , Nowadays, compared with these male artists who come and go in the whole entertainment circle . Wang Fuqiang suffered for several years , It can be said that he really realized the whole body retreat , And in the end , He can get out of his body , Whenever he has a little stain , Ma Rong would not let him go .

Unfortunately, he hasn't done anything that can't make him quit , stand straight and never mind if the shadow inclines ,. No kidding , Count these male stars in the entertainment industry , Doing well is the most important , This is also the magic weapon for Wang Baoqiang to retreat .

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