This wave is not bad! Can't you buy it with an annual salary of 200000? Inspire vs Asian Dragon

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wave bad buy annual salary

At present, most mainstream cars are practical and price friendly , Take a closer look , It accounts for a very high proportion on the road .INSPIRE And Asian Dragon are representative models of medium-sized vehicles . Get down to business , Now let's introduce them .

models : Honda INSPIRE 2019 paragraph 260TURBO Jingyao version countries VI

The guided :21.98 Ten thousand yuan

INSPIRE 2019 paragraph 260TURBO The front of the Jingyao version looks very young , Plus single Web , It looks more fashionable .

INSPIRE 2019 paragraph 260TURBO The interior of Jingyao version has taken the atmospheric route as a whole , Appear dignified and generous . meanwhile , The car is equipped with a simple single ring instrument panel and a flat bottom three spoke multifunctional steering wheel , It seems to have a certain sense of design .

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