Geely star Yue L, ceiling of autonomous compact SUV

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geely star yue ceiling autonomous

This is a time with the stars L A brief encounter , In less than a day , But I was very impressed .

The more stars L It should be the most watched model in recent months , And I believe whether you are interested in it or not , I have learned a lot in various ways , good-looking 、 High power 、 High configuration 、 Large space 、 Low price , The more stars L Almost everything we thought of .

The more stars L Last month, 20 Official listing , It's just been 1 In the early months , Sales of more than 11000 car , It can be seen that the market recognition of this new model is still very high , Let's take a closer look , Among them, the proportion of high configuration models has reached 62%, The average transaction price of the whole department is 17 Ten thousand yuan , It can be seen that , Almost two-thirds of users are interested in Xingyue L High configuration . If you want to buy it, you can buy high-end accessories , The price is not expensive and the quantity is sufficient , In Xingyue L It has been fully reflected in .

For this car , Mr. Xia has had a test drive twice before , A field test drive , A daily in-depth test drive .

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