National energy conservation publicity Week opens sharing single car travel to help cities reduce carbon

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national energy conservation publicity week

【TechWeb】8 month 25 Daily news , recently , The first 31 The th national energy conservation publicity week was officially launched , National development and reform commission 、 The Beijing Municipal People's government is on CCTV “ cloud ” Start the 2021 National energy conservation publicity week and Beijing energy conservation publicity week . The launching ceremony systematically combed and intensively displayed “ Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in ” Since, the main achievements of China's energy conservation and carbon reduction and carbon peak 、 Progress in key work of carbon neutralization , Online presentation 30 A number of representative enterprises consciously undertake the commitment of energy conservation and carbon reduction , Meituan as a life service e-commerce platform , We promise to continue to practice the concept of green development and give full play to our own advantages , Help consumers and businesses participate in green and low-carbon actions .

It is reported that , Meituan App The online pop-up window prompts users to save energy and reduce carbon , Choose green travel , Contribute to urban carbon reduction with your own actions . meanwhile , The general public are “ National energy conservation publicity platform ” WeChat official account for energy saving knowledge quiz and get the chance to get cycling yearly , While acquiring the knowledge of energy conservation and carbon reduction , You can also enjoy free cycling across the country .

Green and convenient 、 Environmentally friendly and healthy bike sharing , It connects various life scenes such as eating, drinking and fun , It not only effectively solves the problem of urban travel “ Last mile ” The problem of , It also reflects the carbon reduction value of scientific and technological innovation in the field of urban transportation . The relevant person in charge of meituan bicycle said :“ With the promotion and popularity of the concept of low-carbon environmental protection , More and more citizens choose green cycling , Contribute to urban carbon reduction . Meituan bicycle will also play a platform role as much as possible , Encourage more people to travel low-carbon with convenient green travel services .”