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embedded news morning bus issue

【3-5 Minutes reading 】

【 Shenzhen huiding technology released the first system level NB-IoT Single chip solution 】

Huiding released the first full support 3GPP Rel-14、Rel-15 Standard system level NB-IoT Single chip solution ----GR851x series . The scheme adopts OpenCPU Dual core architecture (AP/CP), Integrated high performance ARM Cortex-M4F kernel , Provide rich on-chip resources , No external placement required MCU.

According to the Counterpoint Research The latest white paper predicts , To 2025 year , There will be more than 12 One hundred million NB-IoT Connect , It accounts for more than one-third of the total number of cellular Internet of things connections .


【ADI China's antitrust license for the acquisition of Meixin 】

China's state Market Supervision Bureau has approved ADI Acquisition of Meixin . The transaction has now received all necessary regulatory approvals .ADI The deal with Meixin will take place on 2021 year 8 month 26 Finish... Around the next day .


【Hilscher Multi protocol chip Netx 90 SoC Upgrade firmware to support CANopen High level agreement 】

They were the first to know this company ST We have jointly launched an industrial Ethernet expansion board , Support various mainstream Industrial Ethernet protocols ,CANopen,modbus etc. .

This upgrade is Netx 90 chip ,M4 Dual core , It also supports some mainstream Industrial Ethernet protocols .


【IBM Release enterprise class AI Speed up the processor Telum】

Telum The hardware AI Acceleration can help customers in the bank 、 Finance 、 transaction 、 Achieve large-scale business insight in insurance applications and customer interaction .

Telum contain 8 Kernel , Operating frequency exceeds 5GHz, Each core 32MB cache , Integrate 220 100 million transistors .


【 Scientists have set a new record with two-way solar cells 】

Scientists use laser processing technology to produce a more efficient solar cell , And set a new world record in the process . Solar cells are double-sided , This means that the front and back of the battery generate power .

The research team realized 24.3% Pre conversion efficiency and 23.4% Post conversion efficiency . The effective power output of this performance is about 29%, Far more than the performance of single-sided silicon solar cells


【ST Launch gallium nitride GaN New transistor MASTERGAN3, GAN4 and GAN5】

Specially launched Evaluation Board , Half bridge configuration is adopted :


【 The dust size of the supercapacitor is related to the voltage AAA Same battery 】

In the latest issue 《 Nature communications 》 The journal , The researchers report the smallest micro supercapacitor to date , This super micro electric container has been used in ( artificial ) Play a role in blood vessels , Can be used to measure pH The value of the micro sensor system provides an energy source .



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