Listed on September 24! New domestic civic real car road trying to expose

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listed september new domestic civic

In recent days, , We got news from the authorities , The eleventh generation of domestic products Civic will 9 month 24 Official listing , At present, the real road of this car in China has also been exposed on the Internet , Let's take a look at this car .

It can be seen from the road test that the sense of motion of this car is still strong , There is a black duckling tail at the rear of the vehicle , At the same time, it still adopts cash black rim , But at present, from the comments of netizens , We still have some concerns about the shape of the rim . After all, overseas versions of civic and accord have very good rim shapes , But GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda changed the rim shape after they were made in China , There are still some differences in temperament from overseas models .

This picture should show the rim shape more clearly , And we noticed that the door handle and rearview mirror of this car are also painted in black , It cannot be ruled out that this is the existence of blackening kits , However, it is also possible for the original factory to adopt this form . After all, we didn't see the black rear-view mirror shell in the 11 generation Civic spy photos exposed before , But we found the version of black rear-view mirror in the interior diagram .

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