The maximum discount is 52000 yuan, starting from 102900 yuan. Is mairuibao XL fashionable and expensive?

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maximum discount yuan starting yuan.

A car dealer in Meizhou recently announced Michael sharp treasure XL Preferential prices in the region : At present, mairuibao XL The highest discount for car purchase 5.2 Ten thousand yuan ,10.29 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Let's review the Mai Ruibao XL Basic information of . In terms of appearance , The most impressive thing is undoubtedly the side 18 Inch petal rim , The tire specification is 245/45 R18, And the rim is also decorated with two red decorations , For young people who pay attention to detail , This change can better reflect the sense of movement and exquisite breath . The body is very dynamic , The line design is very smooth , Scattered waistline creates a good light and shadow effect , The tilt angle of the sliding back roof is very natural , Match with the red calipers on the wheel hub , It shows the positioning of its sports model . The tail adopts a duckling tail design , The bilateral chrome plated exhaust pipe has the smell of car running , Fishbone Y The identification of the type tail lamp is very high , The effect after lighting is very eye-catching . Compared with the young and dynamic appearance , Michael sharp treasure XL There is an obvious contrast between the interior decoration , The whole layout is more traditional , It continues the family's consistent design language , A large number of soft material wrapped panels show a good wrapping feeling , The details are also very good . A new generation of mairuibao XL The second major upgrade is the power , carrying 1.3T and 2.0T Variable cylinder engine , among 2.0T The maximum power of the engine has reached 241 horsepower , Peak torque reached 350Nm, matching 9AT and CVT transmission . The configuration of the new car is also very complete , Standard configuration 6 airbag 、 The liquid crystal instrument 、 Central control panel 、 Panoramic skylight 、 Cruise control 、 Motion mode switching 、 Keyless entry and start, etc , Shows a kind side

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