The final version of Range Rover Sport SVR is released with three special coatings / overseas starting price of RMB 1.1 million

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final version range rover sport

【 Baika car · Import new car information 】 We got a group from foreign media Range rover sport SVR The final version of the official map was officially released . The new car will be upgraded and adjusted according to the appearance and interior . Power on , New cars will carry 5.0T Mechanical pressurization V8 The engine . It is reported that , New cars have begun to accept reservations , Overseas starting price 123900 pound ( Or about 110 RMB 10,000 yuan ).

It is reported that , Special edition models will be visually adjusted for appearance , The new car adopts a special paint color , One is “ Mar grey ”, The other is “ Maya blue ”, And both paints are matched with two-color body design , This contrast effect makes the visual effect of the new car very sporty . No matter which way you choose , The roof is made of Narvik black , Provide contrast .

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