How to make an F150 enter the city legally, without restriction, with passenger car procedures, and without mandatory scrapping?

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make f150 enter city legally

answer : Send it to Juntian and turn it into a business off-road vehicle. The brave

Please forgive me for my ignorance , If I hadn't seen this real car in Xinjiang a while ago , I didn't know that a pickup truck could be converted into a big seven seater , Become a luxury business SUV .

Protagonist of this issue : The brave man in Juntian .


The brave is based on Jiangxi Juntian Machinery Co., Ltd F150 The chassis is a seven seat commercial vehicle legally modified and customized .

“ Brave man ” The first generation model was built in 2015 Launched in 2013 , Up to now, it has been upgraded to the sixth model .

The car seen in this article is an officially imported Chinese Standard Version "F150 LTD" Modified , At present, it is also the only high-end commercial vehicle with off-road emission in China .

“ The brave man takes Ford imported from the United States F150 For the prototype car , Made by Jiangxi Juntian automobile Seiko , Through the connection between the rear trunk and the vehicle body , Form an integrated carriage stable with the body , At the same time, on the basis of the original five , Add third row leather seats , Blend perfectly into the brave . Juntian brave man keeps the strong performance of the original model and makes rational use of the boot space , Build it into a large, luxurious and comfortable 7 Seat type SUV.”

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