The new Toyota Sienna, made in Guangfeng, provides 5 models. Your favorite friends will wait

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new toyota sienna guangfeng provides

new Toyota SIENNA, Positioning medium and large scale MPV, The appearance adopts family design style , The front face is designed with flying wing grille , The shape of the headlight group is sharp, and the effect is excellent after lighting , The grid is designed with black honeycomb texture , Improved the sportiness of the new car , The shape of the lower lip is integrated with the front surround , Create a very full front-end look . The body side , The whole line is full of muscle , The front and rear wheel eyebrows create a wide body effect through the depiction of lines , Match with large wheel rim and overall slender body style , Make it look very smart . The rear of the car presents a full and exquisite design style , After the blackened tail lamp group is lit, the effect is excellent , The exhaust adopts a hidden design .

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