Listing will be looted! You can consider starting with a monthly salary of 5000, Baojun 530 vs song pro

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listing looted consider starting monthly

The last few years , Consumers don't need to spend too much money to get rich configurations on Chinese brand models , The recognition of Chinese people for them is getting higher and higher . Today, Xiaobian will recommend two models of Chinese brands , They are Baojun 530 Song Dynasty Pro. As for their advantages , Please look down .

models : baojun 530 2019 paragraph 1.5T CVT Luxury 7 seat countries VI

The guided :9.98 Ten thousand yuan

baojun 530 2019 paragraph 1.5T CVT Luxury 7 The front face looks youthful , Large lattice grille with long and narrow split headlights , In line with the taste of most consumers . meanwhile , The headlamp is equipped with halogen high and low beam lamps as standard .

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