The most compact SUV! It's really more fragrant than ribs! Enkola GX vs innovation

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compact suv really fragrant ribs

Now the requirements of buying a car are not only comfortable , Other configuration 、 power 、 Materials 、 Workmanship is also an important reference factor . Today we bring two 5 A model , They are ankola GX And creation . So let's take a look at it .

models : Beconcora GX 2019 paragraph 20T CVT Two wheel drive flagship

The guided :17.59 Ten thousand yuan

Ankola GX 2019 paragraph 20T CVT The two wheel drive flagship front gives people a very fashionable feeling , Design of single width in China open network , With silver trim , The visuals are good .

Next, look in the rearview mirror , The car is equipped with an electric regulator 、 heating .

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