The only way to open the top luxury MPV: lumma CLR V limited customization

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way open luxury mpv lumma

Speaking of MPV models , There are many strong players in the domestic car circle , But consumers want to buy a suitable product , It's still hard to choose , Especially at the high end MPV market ,“ King of markup “ ELFA ” It always gives people a false high feeling , Volkswagen metway's tool attributes are obvious ,GL8、 Senna and other models are slightly popular , So the riders turned their eyes to BBA.

Maybe too much emphasis on cars and SUV Product line ,BBA The only medium and large MPV Mercedes V The grade is late , Fortunately, Mercedes Benz has a police car in Europe 、 Rescue vehicle and other senior experience , Mercedes V And live up to your trust , Gradually in the domestic high-end market MPV Market dominance . but 47-63w The guide price , Destined to run V With the top MPV There is a big gap . Although Mercedes Benz V Drawing heavily on the design elements of luxury private aircraft , But in appearance , Family design that still applies , It can not help but cause aesthetic fatigue . And the famous automobile upgrading and customization brand from Germany LUMMA, It integrates the precipitation of art and technology over the years , Designed LUMMA CLR V“ Baron ” models .

In appearance , In addition to retaining the usual elegant style of Mercedes Benz ,LUMMA Centering net 、 Pre insurance 、 The wheel hub and other places have made qualitative upgrades , Double color matching emphasizes the dynamic characteristics of body lines , The overall body is more calm and full , It's a perfect representation of LUMMA Pursue art 、 motion 、 Luxurious and distinctive product style .

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