Introduction to Chengdu auto show, these new cars can't be missed. They all have good looks and materials, and are worth 80 yuan

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introduction chengdu auto new cars

From the annual Chengdu auto show , It's also not a few o'clock , Not only are manufacturers inside and outside major countries gearing up one after another , Want to show your hands and feet . Many qualified car lovers , It should also be that they have made preparations , Want to see this car event with your own eyes . Today, I come to check several new cars that will be on the auto show , They all have color and material , Value back 80 There should be no problem with the ticket price , If you want to go to the scene, don't miss it .

The first paragraph : A new generation of Mercedes Benz C level

According to the news , A new generation of Mercedes Benz C Level will be in 8 month 27 Day listed , This means that Chengdu auto show , This Mercedes Benz new car should not be absent . And in the new generation of Audi A4L、 BMW 3 When there was no news from the Department , New Benz C The arrival of class , It is bound to have a great impact on the medium-sized luxury car market .

A new generation of Mercedes Benz C Level is based on MRA Platform to build , So the appearance 、 The interior will move towards the new Mercedes Benz S Level alignment , After all, the domestic model will also have its own logo style , With Eagle hook LED headlight , The appearance performance is excellent . The length, width and height of the new car will be :4882/1820/1461mm, The wheelbase is 2954mm. The power will be 1.5T+48V Light mixing system composed of motor , Able to own 170Ps/204Ps Two power systems , matching 9AT Manual self - contained gearbox .

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