Led by Tiguan L and Macan | Chengdu auto show: what SUVs are worth looking forward to?

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For previously announced “ delay ” For this Chengdu International Auto Show , In the end, the opening time was only postponed by two days , It's harmless —— After all , This is another year in the automotive industry “ Gluttonous feast ”, Finally arrived as promised

so to speak , Major automobile manufacturers still attach great importance to this Chengdu auto show , And have brought their own heavy models . today , Let's take stock of those worthy of expectation at the auto show SUV. Buick anko banner first , Take a look at Buick's medium and large SUV—— Angke banner . As a new model of the year ,2022 paragraph The appearance of Anke banner has not changed much , It is still the familiar flying wing family design style , The visual effect is atmospheric enough . As for the details , Its front face Matrix LED The lamp group is narrow and long , And can achieve a total of 26 Separate lighting zones 、 And three intelligent lighting modes , The sense of technology is very sufficient .

When you enter the car, you can see , The new car maintains the Buick family style surround design , And through the use of a large number of soft materials and piano baking paint materials , Let the interior ensure the sense of American luxury , It also maximizes the sense of refinement .

In terms of motivation , New cars still use 2.0T The engine , The maximum power is 174kW、 Peak torque reach 350N·m, The transmission system matches the latest generation 9AT The transmission . It is worth mentioning that , The variable cylinder technology of this engine is more fuel-efficient , And this new model has added 48V Light mixed system —— Regardless of its fuel consumption 、 still NVH performance , Will go up another step .

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