Another explosion! Can you afford an annual salary of 20? Asian Dragon vs Lexus es

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explosion afford annual salary asian

Want a comfortable driving experience , In fact, it has a certain relationship with all aspects of the vehicle . Asian Dragon and Lexus ES That's it. Two 5 A model , As for practicality, it's up to you to judge . Let's take you to appreciate their style .

models : Toyota Asiatic dragon 2019 paragraph Twin engine 2.5L Limited Flagship Edition

The guided :28.98 Ten thousand yuan

Asian dragons 2019 paragraph Twin engine 2.5L Limited The flagship front looks very radical , Plus a big mouth grille , Full and full of tension , At first glance, it seems to have a strong momentum .

The size of the car is 4975/1850/1450mm, The wheelbase 2870mm, The specifications of the front and rear tires are 235/45 R18.

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