Static evaluation of Dongfeng Citroen C5 X: what is the strength of "Versailles" that makes the French serious?

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static evaluation dongfeng citroen c5

Tell the truth , It used to be hard for me to “ Versailles ” These three words are associated with a car , Until I saw Dongfeng Citroen at the Shanghai Auto Show C5 X, This car, called Versailles in Chinese, has brought a great rhythm to Dongfeng Citroen this year , Now that it is the most popular car, I'm afraid no one will have an opinion .

Think carefully , Only the models of legal cars and Versailles have no sense of conflict , After all, everyone is a fellow countryman . But what about this car ? Now the new car has arrived at the store , We might as well go and see how strong this Versailles is . shape : The romantic element of the legal system is still the main theme. I have always admired the shape design of the legal system car , Aesthetics is the most important part of legal culture , Even a beer bottle, the French will design it with great sincerity , What's more, Citroen, a legal automobile brand with a long history .

It's hard not to be attracted by the shape of Versailles , The first is Versailles' iconic “X” type LED Daytime running light , Built the personalized front face of Versailles , At the same time, the whole head is as round as a racing car, full of a strong sense of enterprise , I wonder if Citroen is paying tribute to their car .

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